How is the internship held?
Pharmabills internship is held online with the help of Google Class. All educational materials are kept in the class and can be accessed 24/7, except for when the tests are in progress.
At what time do the classes start?
Classes start at 5-5:30 PM. The days depend on what group you get in. Some groups have classes on workdays and some on weekends.
Can I skip classes?
Skipping classes is not recommended, as they are held in real-time. But if you can't attend, it's necessary to warn your Assessment Coordinator and learn the material on your own. You will be able to ask your mentor any questions you have through email or during the next class.
Is the whole program in English?
Yes, everything is taught in English because your mentor is an American. You can always ask her questions and she will gladly answer or repeat the material.
How many people are there in a group?
There are usually no more than 15 people in a group.
How are the classes held?
All classes are held online and are not recorded. So, it's important to attend all classes. The classes are interactive, your mentor is always happy to see curious students and answer their questions during class or via email.
How likely am I to receive an offer after the internship?
Sometimes, each student receives an offer. It all depends on your final interview with the Team Lead or the employer.
What will the final interview include?
The final interview is also in English. Keep in mind that we already picked you as a potential employee, so there is nothing to be scared of. All you have to do is provide constructive information about yourself and give us examples of how you apply your skills in a professional environment.
Can I apply for an internship without applying for a job?
Unfortunately, no. All of the information from the program can only be applied in the Medical Billing field and only to the companies we work with.
Can I join the next internship?
Of course, we will always be happy to see you. You only have to pick the date.

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