Testimonies of our interns

I like my job and the people I work with.
Anastasia Chumachenko,
Works at Pharmbills
I ended up at Pharmbills by accident :) I was about to graduate from university, so I was looking for a job where I could grow professionaly.
I was scrolling through one of looking-for-a-job groups when I saw the Pharmbills internship post, so I decided to apply. After a test and an interview, I was invited to the internship a week later :)
I am now "finishing" my education and realizing that I am starting to like the job, although it is hard sometimes, and the people I work with.
I am truly glad to be part of this big family.
Nino Baindurashvili,
Works at Pharmbills
From the first days of my attendance at Pharmbills, I have been truly amazed by each team member's dedication and positive attitude.
I have noticed a significant improvement in my performance, behavior, and skills. The self, as well as company-oriented team leaders, give you great examples of taking the initiative to learn new things as much as possible and grow professionally; therefore, I am truly glad to be part of this big family.
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I will make great personal progress in Pharmbills!
Azizjon Karimov,
Works at Pharmbills
I am grateful for the exceptional internship experience at Pharmbills Academy. The American coach's thorough explanations and willingness to answer all my questions helped me gain a solid understanding of the industry. 
The welcoming atmosphere within the team made me feel supported and encouraged to grow. I am thrilled to accept the job offer and eagerly look forward to starting my career at Pharmbills.
I look forward to working with my colleagues!
Sevdzhan Hasanov,
Works at Pharmbills
This company has a fantastic team that organizes everything well! I look forward to working with my colleagues! As a Billing Representative, the work here is exciting, and it has a dynamic that makes it active and responsive! 
The environment and the work are enjoyable, and I am happy that I took a chance to be a part of this! Thank you!

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